Breakfast Briefings 2017

Monday 13 February 8.30 – 9am
UK@Kidscreen Breakfast Briefing 1
With Bill SchultzExecutive Producer, Prime Focus World
A Kickstart to the Market and top tips on staying on game
Bill will share his experience of connecting with an audience, not matter what the platform. In the current climate of constant change, how does he maintain flexibility and keep ahead of that so called curve? How does he continue to tap into what the audience want and most importantly how does he get others on board and the shows made?

Tuesday 14 February 8.30 – 9am
UK@Kidscreen Breakfast Briefing 2
With Adina Pitt, Vice President, Content Acquistions and Co-productions, Cartoon Network and Boomerang.
What the world wants now is..
Adina will share her unique overview of what the world wants, and how best to shape it and get it made. She’s a highly sought-after international conference panelist, with an inbox full of ideas and she’ll reveal how she thinks the UK can show up at markets and succeed.

Wednesday 15 February 8.30 – 9am
UK@Kidscreen Breakfast Briefing 3
With Michael Carrington, Head of Children’s and Education, ABC-TV
A Fresh Global Perspective
Recently transferred to sunnier climates, Michael will share his view of the world from down under. Does the market look different from outside Europe? Where are the opportunities for UK creatives and how best to access them so the UK can remain as a centre of innovation and creativity.

Thursday 16 February 8.30 – 9am
UK@Kidscreen Breakfast Briefing 4
With Alex Pereira, CEO and Jose Luis Martinez, Executive Producer, Atomic Digital Media
Jose Luis and Alex are new to the market and based in Miami. They are currently getting an overview of the digital market as they seek content for their emerging platform. They will share their view from the US co-producer and content distributor perspective.