CMC Animation Exchange – Panel: The International Perspective

Posted on: Monday 15 April 2013 12:12pm

CMC Animation Exchange The Internaional PerspectiveModerator:
Tony Collingwood Collingwood O’Hare

Rosemary Klein Rights TV
Gerard O’Rourke Geronimo, Ireland
Marc Dhrami Alphanim, France
Irene Weibel Nelvana Studio, Canada

While the UK tax break means more UK productions, the great content and co-production partnerships available overseas is still an important part of the equation. In a panel chaired by Tony Collingwood, international visitors, from territories with similar schemes, talked through how the tax-break can work for international co-pro partners, and how it can work alongside co-production treaties.

Irene Weibel opened the panel discussion with a reminder about the importance of co-production in Canada and Corus’ commitment to international co-pro opportunities. Canada currently has 50 co-pro treaties in place, and every treaty is different, following very specific guidelines. In the case of the UK and Canada as soon as the treaty is evoked, the production qualifies as both 100% Canadian and 100% UK in terms of content, allowing both parties to access funds and incentives.

Typically a discussion framework with co-pro partners covers 4 key areas

  • What is the work-split between parties and where will it take place?
  • Budget
  • Financing model
  • Rights exploitation

Elements to consider in UK/Canada co-pros are:

  • Euro content/French content
  • Type of work being completed in each country
  • Net vs gross budget in each country
  • Point system and creative work in each country
  • Legal and financing issues

Irene’s view on the UK tax credit was that it can only improve and increase opportunities for working together, stressing the importance (a recurring theme of the afternoon) of balancing creative and financial incentives.

Gerard O’Rourke followed with an overview on the current situation in Ireland around Section 481, which sees the Irish government operating a tax incentive for film and TV production in Ireland worth 28% to a production. He added that the new Ireland tax credit is expected to be introduced on 1st January 2015, replacing S481 and taking the tax credit available up to 32%. This tax credit will be payable upfront on ‘eligible expenditure’ which covers personnel, goods and services in Ireland.

Marc Dhrami followed, talking through tax credits and incentives available in France, and explained that work was underway to explore the benefits of French/UK co-productions. Marc was positive about the benefits of the tax relief, the tax credit system has been in place for 10 years in France and has seen a definite increase in French animation as a result. He also added his vote to getting professionals in to manage the paperwork!

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