CMC 2012



2012 Theme – Ahead Of The Game

CMC offered an intensive pre-Olympic workout to raise your game creatively and commercially.

Over 800 delegates from sectors as diverse as, TV, interactive media, museums and galleries, publishing, games and product licensing, gathered in Sheffield in July 2012 to hear over 150 Speakers and panelists explore the creative, business, strategic and policy issues facing the kids’ content industries.

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Or have a look at this Dictionary of Conference Terminology specially produced by animation duo Brothers McLeod and distributed around the conference. It made us smile…


Lane Merrifield, co-founder of Club Penguin gave the CMC Opening Address in Sheffield’s Crucible Theatre.
He shared his insights and challenged CMC delegates to connect with kids in new ways.

Patrick Ness was the CMC 2012 Creative Keynote interviewee. Patrick won the Carnegie Medal for children’s literature for the second year running, for his book, ‘A Monster Calls’, described by the Carnegie judges as “…one of the defining books of its generation”. Patrick has written passionately about teenagers and the way in which they’re represented in Britain today. He talked about creativity, demonisation, and making monsters with Front Row’s Mark Lawson.

CMC 2012 Highlights:

  • The CMC International Exchange. This year CMC brought delegates from China and Malaysia. There were “Focus on…” sessions at the Conference and one-to-one meetings in Sheffield, Salford and London.
  • BAFTA Presents… “The Amazing World of Gumball.” The team behind Cartoon Network’s multi award-winning success story spilled the beans.
  • Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is. Real Dragons, real pitches, real investments – and fantastic insights into creative business decisions.

Key Speakers:

Anna Home OBE, CMC Chair, on the 2012 theme:

This year’s CMC theme is ‘Ahead of the Game’, a nod of course to the spirit of competition and collaboration which we’ll see at the upcoming Olympics, ‘the greatest show on earth’.

2012’s CMC will present intelligence and ideas to help delegates to scope out the future of their businesses and to find partners and colleagues to compete with the best in the world.

Currently children’s media and entertainment is full of new possibilities – there are new players in the kids’ market place as well as the rise and rise of Apps for kids and smart phones, along with other opportunities for transmedia development of brands. No doubt it’s an exciting environment to be in, though it does bring with it the uncertainty as to which business models to follow. The CMC will help delegates plan a route through this unpredictability.

The remit of the CMC is to provide support for producers and buyers to produce and distribute the best possible quality media for children. This year’s key speakers will cover the entire gamut of excellence in media: Ben Bocquelet will discuss award-winning kids comedy and animated innovation; Reg Bailey will talk about the commercialisation of childhood; Ian Livingstone will take us on a creative journey through 30 years of game-making and consider a future generation equipped to make the UK a powerhouse of game development; and Lane Merrifield, notably “ahead of the game” when he co-founded Club Penguin will explore new relationships with the audience.