Wednesday Workshop: So Now You’ve Got An App

Wednesday 4th July 2012, 1:00pm - 5:00pm BST

HUBS Common Room

The apps market for kids is crowded and becoming increasingly sophisticated. In order to stand out, new apps must deliver an exceptional experience, not just for kids but for parents too. In this workshop we’re going to explore what it means to create an exceptional app by looking at a number of different considerations.

We’ll start by gaining an overview of the market and find out about the latest research from Family Kids and Youth. We’ll then cover four key topics in workshop sessions: Kid-friendly interfaces; fostering creativity; designing for parents; and merging digital and physical experiences together. Each session will be introduced by an expert speaker and will be followed by a group activity in which delegates pool their collective knowledge, ideas and questions in a way that can be published and shared after the event.
At the end of the workshop, delegates will try their hand at designing their own kids app, either individually or in groups, and attempt to incorporate as many ideas as they can from the afternoon’s activity.