Wednesday Workshop: Monetising Digital Content

Wednesday 3rd July 2013, 1:00pm - 5:00pm BST

Millennium Gallery

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The world of children’s apps and games is dominated by free content. By far the most successful way to monetise free content is in-app purchases. But can in-app purchases work in children’s apps without sacrificing the quality of the experience? Absolutely.

Free-to-play is about letting everybody access your content for free, forever, while enabling people who love what you do to spend lots of money on things they truly value. Nicholas Lovell’s approach to the games business is to make content fun and free forever.

Long-term profitability relies on providing a valuable experience that parents can trust. The core of a free-to-play games business is not nickel-and-diming players. It’s about motivating players to engage deeply with the game. In the free-to-play business masterclass you will learn how to build long-term relationships with players by designing a game that is fun for freeloaders and true fans alike.