Wednesday Workshop: Co-Pro Clinic

Wednesday 3rd July 2013, 1:00pm - 5:00pm BST

Channing Hall

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This workshop guides you through the twists and turns of co-production. Andrew Beecham SVP from Sprout will share his ideas on what makes a successful creative co-pro; Serious Lunch executive producer Genevieve Dexter exposes the opportunities for financing while Nicky Collier from Industry Media waves the red flags in deal making.

You’ll roll up your sleeves, work on case studies and put shows before the green light panel. You’ll hear from the people with deep pockets who can really make a project happen: a broadcaster – CBBC, a distributor – ZDF, an exec producer -Kindle, a digital group – Mind Candy and an investor – Bob and Co.

Then you’ll sit with the experts and be coached on your projects in a speed dating session. We have all the people who can move your project from the page to production and beyond. You can meet: Nigel Pickard from Zodiak, Fremantle’s Sander Schwartz, Laurence Blaevot from Canal Plus and investors from Bob and Co along with other international broadcasters and exec producers.  They’re the ‘go-to’ people who can assist the financing of your programme.

Nigel Pickard wraps up the afternoon with his learning about the multitude of new rights and revenues of a successful co-pro.

This fast moving workshop will give you the tools to assemble a successful co-pro.