Wednesday 30th June 2010, 1:00pm - 5:00pm BST


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Normal pitching workshops, focus just on just that, the pitch, the time in front of a potential client or financier but how do you get the meeting in the first place? How do you build the relationship? What happens if they give you objections on your project? Pitching is only 1/7th of a process that a company will go through to win business with a client. ‘Beyond the pitch’ is the first workshop that looks at the whole sales process from what you need to do before you approach a potential financier to how you can close the deal to managing your financier though the project and even increase your chances of repeat business. This workshop is an intensive, interactive workshop giving you the skills to sell your product nationally and internationally.

Who is it for?
TV, new media, film, games, mobile companies or employees who hold the responsibility for pitching and developing new business opportunities.

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