VOD Follow-up: Inclusivity Now and Playing Catch with a Crystal Ball

Thursday 8th July 2021, 3:00pm - 4:00pm BST


Inclusivity Now

Your chance to meet, discuss and ask questions of industry experts Ann Austen from ‘Subverting the Mainstream’ and Christopher Keenan and Ros Attille, from ‘Bringing Diversity to Life’. They’ll be joined by Joanne Cliff from Research session Caught in the Gender Trap? and Olivia Dickinson will host.

Perspective On…Playing Catch with a Crystal Ball

The “Crystal Ball gang” will be available to engage in a chat with CMC delegates. Get ready to meet WildBrain Spark’s Jon Gisby, Sky Lab’s Dino Burbidge, Baobab Studios’ Maureen Fan and SuperAwesome Gaming’s Nick Walters. The video producer Catherine Branscome and moderator Ramin Zahed will also be on hand.