Tuesday Workshop: Make Something Happen

Tuesday 5th July 2016, 1:00pm - 5:00pm BST

HUBS Common Room

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The issue of diversity is rightly at the top of everyone’s agenda. Questions we are all asking include: how do we harness the potential of a wider range of creative people to broaden what we make, who’s included in what we show, how do we ensure proper and appropriate representation, and importantly… who makes it?

If you want to make something happen for diversity – in any of its aspects – this is the workshop for you.

Stella Duffy, writer/directorPioneering arts practitioner Stella Duffy (Fun Palaces) will use a unique methodology called the Open Space Technology to explore delegates’ priorities for development and change in the diversity debate.

Working in Open Space allows everyone to bring both their personal passion and concerted action to the workshop – the agenda is set by those who take part, the actions are led by those who care. If diversity is at the top of your agenda, this is the right workshop for you. If diversity is never on your agenda, this is also the right workshop for you. Bring your questions, your interests, your concerns and your passion – and between us, we can choose to make a difference.

Tuesday Workshops are available to all registered delegates. All workshops run simultaneously, beginning at 1pm on Tuesday afternoon and last 4 hours.

Tuesday 5 July 2016 £30 + VAT

Stella Duffy was a Changemaker at CMC 2015. Listen to her short, provocative and fun presentation here: