True Stories about Transmedia

Thursday 1st July 2010, 3:30pm - 4:30pm BST

Showroom Cinema 4

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It is an incredibly exciting time to tell stories! New creative talent is emerging into a landscape which is a world away from the industry of the past. Audiences are immersed in different forms of media and stories are being told across multiple platforms. If you are new to the Kid’s industry, or indeed to the world of multiplatform, this event will help you stay ahead of the curve and harness the storytelling potential of this rapidly changing world.

The Producers Guild of America recently took the unprecedented step of adding ‘Transmedia Producer’ to its list of credits – the first such amendment in its 60 year history, proof indeed that the jobs market in this area is growing in both size and stature.

But let’s get practical. How does it work? How can you capture commissioners’ imaginations with a ‘Transmedia strategy’ for your proposal? How can you shape the development process to allow for multiplatform expansion? Should you ever write with licensing in mind? What are the limitations in the kids’ market? How important is it to work with marketing teams to shape the narrative?

The expert panel will share their stories of building immersive story worlds on today’s shifting sands. They’ll discuss controlling the chaos as the audience interprets narrative in their uniquely delightful, but sometimes disturbing, ways… And why Peppa Pig couldn’t endorse Labour.

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