The Write Stuff

Thursday 2nd July 2015, 3:40pm - 4:40pm BST

HUBS The Stage

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We often hear from writers about writing, but what do producers think? This panel brings together four producers/script editors to discuss writers and the script process from their side.

For writers, it’s a chance to get the inside track on what producers really want… What do producers think the best writers bring to the table? How do they find new writers for their projects? How can your spec script grab their attention? What’s the best way to approach script notes? What makes a good show pitch?

For anyone working on the production side, the session will explore what makes a successful script process… When should writers ideally be involved in the wider production? How can you get the most out of writing rooms and story conferences? What’s the key to a fruitful writer-producer relationship? What’s the secret to giving good script notes?

The panel’s credits span genres and broadcasters, including: ‘Wolfblood’, ‘House of Anubis’, ‘Strange Hill High’, ‘Danger Mouse’, ‘Dixi’, ‘Thunderbirds are Go’, ‘Charlie and Lola’, and ‘Grandpa in My Pocket’.