The Last Word

Thursday 6th July 2017, 3:30pm - 4:00pm BST

Showroom Cinema 4

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Can we replace limitation, lack of expectation and frustration with inspiration, aspiration and personal satisfaction?  Are we open to the challenge?

As Lemn Sissay and George the Poet so graphically revealed at last year’s CMC, the life of children and young people in the care system, and other marginalised groups, is bounded by prejudice, pessimism and reduced opportunities. And it’s not getting better, as the world closes its eyes to the marginalised.

Some people are working to make a difference. Inspired Youth is a multi award-winning social enterprise embracing the creativity and vibrancy of arts, media and high quality video production to inspire, educate, challenge and inform. They specialise in putting real people at the heart of a creative process to create powerful campaigns around social issues – from the perspective of those who know.  Show Me That I Matter is York’s children in care Council. It was founded to stress the importance of listening to young people’s voices and providing a platform for them to be heard on the issues that most affect them. 

They’ll show the work of young people challenged to express themselves and empowered to open up their world to others.

And they’ll ask – are we really listening?  What should we do, as an industry, and as individuals who communicate with kids, to open our doors to difference and open the eyes of the young audience to the authentic issues in the world around them?