The Future of Family Films

Friday 6th July 2012, 2:00pm - 3:30pm BST

Showroom Cinema 4

How can we get more British children’s and family feature films made and more importantly seen? What are the conditions for connecting with the audience and creating success?

Britain is the home of great children’s literature, stories and writing, resulting in some of the all time classic family movies from ‘Mary Poppins’, ‘Jungle Book’ and ‘101 Dalmatians’ to ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Chronicles of Narnia’. However, most of these are big budget studio franchises, whilst independently produced British family films like ‘Nativity’, ‘Horrid Henry’, ‘Skellig’, ‘Africa United’ and ‘Millions’ are few and far between. Lord Smith’s report, “A Future for British Film – It begins with the audience”, recently urged the BFI to put more focus on British independent films aimed at children and families. What will it take to produce more or better family films in the UK? How can UK independents compete with the Studio dominance of the family market? How should producers be approaching development? And what is the role of broadcasters in this new landscape?