The Art of Storyboarding & The Art of Puppets

Thursday 5th July 2018, 12:40pm - 1:40pm BST

Showroom Cinema 3

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The Art of Storyboarding
What are the first steps in translating a script into animation? Where does a storyboard artist begin? And what does every good storyboard need to include? Director and storyboard artist Chris Drew delves into the storyboarding process and explains why it’s the keystone to every animation production. Starting with the script itself, Chris offers insights on how to deconstruct an animation script and how the storytelling continues to evolve during storyboarding as problems are resolved and fresh ideas are explored. Chris will also share his thoughts on the importance of producing strong storyboard thumbnails and offer up some top storyboarding tips.

The Art of Puppets
Actors are up in arms at the popularity of Puppets – from the ‘Muppets’ to ‘War Horse’ – seems like they are taking over. But why are they so effective? And what exactly do they bring to a production, whether it is on TV or in the theatre? This session looks at the technicalities of using puppets – the art of performing with puppets and exactly what they can bring to your production.