The Art of Personalisation and The Art of Discoverability

Thursday 6th July 2017, 9:30am - 10:30am BST

HUBS The Stage

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The Art of Personalisation

Nick Marsh, Head of Product at Lost My Name (the world’s leading personalised publishing company), provides a round-up of the emerging technologies, consumer trends and design systems driving a new generation of personalised media products that are finally delivering on the promise of personalisation – high-quality experiences with mass appeal that put you and the people you love at the heart of the story.

Speaker Nick Marsh, Head of Product, Lost My Name
Producer Edward Moline, Development Producer, Beano Studios

The Art of Discoverability

Content may be king – but what’s the key to the kingdom when there’s so much content for kids today, across a variety of platforms?

Dubit research shows almost 80% of children have trouble finding what they want. They’re overwhelmed by options, without good tools for uncovering what they seek. Quantitative and qualitative research by Dubit into young people’s evolving media habits will inform the session, which will look in particular at how kids discover and adopt new content, who influences their choices, and how they share.

Speaker Peter Robinson, Global Head of Research, Dubit
Producer David Kleeman, SVP, Global Trends, Dubit