The Art of Laughter & The Art of Meaning Making

Wednesday 4th July 2018, 12:40pm - 1:40pm BST

Showroom Cinema 3

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The Art of Laughter
Plus some science… as R.I. Christmas Lecturer Prof. Sophie Scott, discusses the neurology of laughter and how it can help children develop, with comic Howard Read.

The Art of Meaning Making
Semiotics and Brand Storytelling. Could your brand shape culture, as well as reflect it? How semiotic and cultural insights unlock new, meaningful stories and experiences for truly distinctive and beloved brands.

Children’s media and brands are part of an ever-changing cultural context – they have the power to both reflect and shape culture. We’ll explore how broad cultural shifts (from pop music to food packaging) influence children’s and parents’ behaviours and self-perceptions, and how semiotic and cultural analysis of those shifts unlocks powerful strategic insights for building distinctive and relevant brands. Space Doctors’ method of not just identifying, but interrogating, residual, dominant and emergent cultural meanings will inspire you to stay ahead of the curve with future-proof strategies shaped for positive cultural impact.

Semiotic insight reveals meaning through details like verbal, visual, sensory and design cues – from understanding what’s really appealing about trends, to identifying the messages brands unconsciously communicate to consumers. We will discuss:

  • Semiotic ‘decoding’ – how diverse elements in a piece of communications or media make up a meaning (not always the meaning intended!).
  • Shifting meaning in culture – how to track emerging signals of change and predict new cultural shifts.
  • Critiquing brands – discovering the cultural equities in your brand and competitors, what’s holding them back, and where new opportunities lie.
  • Consistent brand stories – how to use codes and cues to amplify your meaning for greater cultural impact.