Testing, Testing

Thursday 5th July 2012, 3:30pm - 4:30pm BST

Showroom Cinema 2

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Whether its TV, a website an app or even a toy, user-testing with children can be fraught with difficulties. Some children will tell you what they think you want to hear, other children find it hard to articulate. And let’s be honest, when your passionate about a project, it’s tempting to help your child testers to find the best bits.

In this session, a psychologist, a user experience specialist and a producer share their tips on the best way you can test projects with children yourselves – ensuring the results are as reliable as possible, and without it blowing the budget.

Whether you’re from TV, online or games, this isn’t a session that’ll blind you with science. This is a practical session asking practical questions. Areas we’ll be hoping to cover: insights into how children think/behave at certain ages, using social media to test you product with parent groups, and how do you know the results are true?

This is a session aimed at anyone who makes content for children, and you’ll leave with a best practice agenda on testing your product, and cheat sheet of top techniques to get the best from your user testing.