Tackling Tricky Topics for 10+

Thursday 4th July 2013, 3:40pm - 4:40pm BST

Showroom Cinema 2

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Puberty, disability, bullying, current affairs and sex education are on 
the agenda as we look at tackling tricky content for ten year olds and above.
 Newsround’s Nelufar Hedayat chairs the session and will discuss with three International Executive Producers how they approach material that some kids’ TV channels feel taboo.

 How do you deal with contentious and potentially adult themes?  What is appropriate for this impressionable audience? Is it a programme maker’s duty and responsibility to tackle these areas? And are there some subjects that we should just leave well alone?

Nel chats to Pauline Macnamara from RTÉ, Kez Margrie from CBBC and Elin Raustøl from NRK Super as they take on the no go areas and we reveal how TV and Online output can differ dramatically.