Speed Meetings: The YACF and BFI Certification

Wednesday 3rd July 2019, 5:00pm - 6:00pm BST

The Workstation (Mezzanine)

Everything you wanted to know about certification, tax relief, and the Young Audiences Content Fund but were too embarrassed to ask!

The BFI Certification Unit and the Fund team will be here to answer questions about using these wonderful funding opportunities for your production.

Meet the team…

Jackie Edwards – Head of the Fund: Jackie is happy to answer any questions, but particularly pleased to chat about the Fund’s ambitions, strategic aims and intentions and would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions.

Aisha Jan – YACF Administrator: Aisha is the first point of call if you want to know whether your project fits within the criteria of the Fund. She can also expand further on the evaluation and awards process.

Chandan Shergill – YACF Coordinator: Chandan can advise you on how to be best prepared and can offer some useful tips on what you can add to help  support your application. She can also talk you through the evaluation and awards process.

John Knowles – YACF Executive – Production: John does a deep analysis of projects submitted for production support but what does he look for in an application? What makes for a good submission? And what could your project fall foul of? John will be available to talk through any of your production fund queries.

Harriet Williams – YACF Executive – Development: Harriet assesses all projects submitted for development funding. The development fund can support up to 100% of the development budget but what can that cover? What makes for a good application? Harriet will be able to talk you through all your development fund queries.

Gill Biddle – YACF Project Manager: Gill has extensive experience of the Children’s broadcasting landscape and will be on hand to answer your questions on the Fund’s processes, paperwork, budgets and schedules.

Hesham Sabry – YACF Business Affairs Executive: As the Fund’s Business Affairs Executive, Hesham will be available to talk through any queries regarding the legal aspects of the operation of the Fund and can also offer advice around the contracting process.

More info on all here

PLUS Andy Wright and Christopher Halliday for all of your tax credit certification needs! Andy and Chris will be on hand to answer any questions on qualifying for the creative industry tax reliefs for film, high-end TV, children’s TV, animation programmes and video games. They can talk through certifying your project as British via the cultural test or official co-production; what you need to supply and how the process works, as well as the criteria for accessing the reliefs.