Speed Meetings: BBC

Wednesday 4th July 2018, 12:15pm - 1:15pm BST

The Workstation (Mezzanine)

Speakers listed here are available for five-minute one-to-one advice meetings.

Come to the Workstation Reception to book your slot. There is no advance booking – it is on a first-come, first-serve basis, so don’t miss out.

If you are on time for your slot, you are guaranteed your first choice. Once you’ve seen your first choice, a second choice is usually possible – we just kindly ask you to be patient and flexible.

These meetings are especially useful for first time delegates.

Five minutes isn’t long, so for those of you who are not sure how to structure a Speed Meeting, please refer to our mini guide below.

Remember to:

  • Say hello/shake hands.
  • Exchange business cards.
  • Introduce yourself, title and company.
  • Expand on what the company does and why.
  • Expand on future plans, projects, ideas – but prioritise. Less is more.
  • Ask for advice on next steps on a specific area.