CMC SkillBuilder – Building a Bible

Tuesday 3rd July 2018, 1:00pm - 5:00pm BST

HUBS The Stage

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What’s next for your creative project? Ready to pitch story and visuals to potential investors or co-producers? Maybe it’s crunch-time – the big meet with a commissioner or licensing partner to secure a lucrative deal?! Whether you’re a content creator in early development or poised to go into production, the pitch bible is an essential document to complement face-to-face pitching skills and leave behind as a tangible reminder of your IP.

Building a Bible will drill down into the page-by-page mechanics of creating an industry standard 2 page ‘flyer’ and 10 page bible – distilling story-world, characters and narrative into concise but compelling text and visuals.

Featuring practical, hands-on exercises – and mentoring from industry Experts – this four hour session is packed with cross-platform bible examples.

Plus, if you’re happy to discuss your own IP with the group, once you have booked on, please send us the first TWO pages of your bible, i.e. the ‘flyer’ (to include: key visual; logline; story précis and main character one-liners). Or, if you’re in early development, a one page summary instead. Email your 2 page bible/flyer to:

Key contents covered include:

  • Ideal bible page count (2, 5, 10, 20+)
  • Core concept.
  • Target audience.
  • Project tone and visual style.
  • Theme as DNA; story at the heart.
  • Story fundamentals: logline; one-page synopsis; episode springboards.
  • Character essentials: role & arc; traits & quirks; wants & needs; flaws & fears.
  • Story-world architecture & landscape.
  • Cross-media options and brand extensions.