Show Me the Money! The Business Realities of VR

Wednesday 5th July 2017, 5:00pm - 6:00pm BST

HUBS Common Room

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The rebirth of virtual reality was the trend for media and entertainment during 2016. Unit sales of premium consumer headsets are estimated at over 12m to date (not including 88m Google Cardboards), with companies forecasting tens of millions of headsets in the market by 2018. Producers of kids’ content are rushing to the space, with major players like Discovery launching dedicated studios and pledging to invest millions in VR content over the next few years.

But where are the real commercial opportunities in VR for children’s media in 2017? How should one market, distribute and monetise content in this new medium? What does it cost and can businesses ever make a return? What unique barriers and challenges do media companies face when making VR for kids?

Join us for a lively panel discussion as experts from across the VR and children’s media industries help us to burst the hype bubble and get down to business.