RESEARCH: Unlikely Visionaries – How Kids are Predicting and Designing the Future (Repeat)

Friday 8th July 2011, 9:30am - 10:30am BST

Showroom 5

This session is repeated from 7th July)

Kids are natural innovators; they think broadly about the world without the “adult” constraints of what’s practical, popular or even possible. More than that, kids who have grown up in today’s fast-evolving digital climate have different expectations about media and technology (and the convergence of the two)—how interactive, immersive, or integrated with the offline world they are, for example. Through its own research initiatives with children, Latitude explains how kids’ inventive outputs can be considered a window into what future content and technology experiences might (or should) look like, including near-term solutions for how to extend content and storytelling experiences across platforms and even into traditionally offline spaces. This talk will employ images and concepts created by children to illustrate high-level interaction and design principles, as well as specific manifestations of those principles. It will address how children’s imaginations and creativity can help companies think about—and ultimately deliver—unexpected, resonant, and delightful new experiences.

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