Research: Under The Sesame Tree (rpt)

Friday 6th July 2012, 9:40am - 10:40am BST

Showroom Cinema 1

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Sesame Tree – the Northern Irish version of Sesame Street – was first broadcast on BBC Northern Ireland in 2008 and subsequently UK-wide on CBeebies. Bringing preschool programming with a prosocial agenda to another country requires sensitive handling of cultural issues; programming for a preschool audience growing up in a post-conflict zone requires an even more careful approach.

Interviews were held with producers from the Sesame Workshop, BBC NI and Sixteen South on the creation of the first series of Sesame Tree. The challenges of creating programming with a prosocial agenda that adheres to the vision and values of all of the parties involved will be set out; when the audience is young children from a post-conflict society, this becomes infinitely more complex.

This paper will the discuss the challenges of creating a production that set out to address the experiences of young children in Northern Ireland, and make suggestions for future prosocial programming aimed at the preschool viewer growing up in a post-conflict society.