Research: Kids and Co-viewing. Is it a screen thing? (rpt)

Friday 6th July 2012, 2:00pm - 3:30pm BST

Showroom Cinema 1

Session Blog

We’ve conducted a 360 degree investigation into kids’ co-viewing behaviour.

This will show, from a kids perspective, their favourite and most common interactions with TV and social media, what they’d like to be able to do more of, how this changes from younger to older kids and how traditional and modern co-viewing can come together for a powerful viewing experience that truly entertains and benefits children.

Using innovative methodology that has allowed us to observe everyday co-viewing behaviour, we have kept in touch over three weeks with 20 young people and their families, spent time with children in their homes, surveyed 250 kids and parents and gained the views of industry experts from some of the most innovative and influential media organisations in the UK.

For anyone interested in the future of children’s media, this can’t be missed.