RESEARCH: From B.O. to Bras – What do Tweens Want to Ask Lara (Repeat)

Friday 8th July 2011, 11:00am - 11:45am BST

Showroom 5

This presentation will share how BBC Scotland and Sherbert Research collaborated to maximise the potential of Ask Lara; an animated series and interactive online learning resource that tackles the sensitive issues of early puberty. Innovative research methodologies were used to harness the questions and concerns that tweens have about what is going to happen or is happening to them as they grow up, as well as expose parents dilemmas and challenges when talking to kids about adolescence. These findings were then used to develop ideas of what content the BBC should be offering the audience to accompany the series as well as how best we might deliver that content, ensuring that needs and sensitivities were taken into account. We will take you though what we did, who we spoke to and illuminate how privileged we felt to be allowed to gain access to the private world of tweens and their parents knowing that this resource was really going to be embraced by those journeying through the trials and tribulations of growing up! We can’t wait to tell you what we found out!

Ask Lara is a co-production between Red Kite, Tomavistas, TVC, Submarine and BBC.

(This session is a repeat from 7th July)