Research 8 & 9 (Repeat)

Thursday 6th July 2017 9:30am - Wednesday 5th July 2017 10:30am BST

Showroom Cinema 1

Two 30 minute research presentations…

8. Open Minds, Open Books, Open Hearts, Fake News

Exploring the impact of how kids respond to fake news, supported with findings from research conducted for ‘The Week Junior’.

Presented by Jo Cliff, Platypus Research and Seema Hope, Dennis Publishing

9. The Power of Image

From selfie filters to live-streaming, this session will present the latest digital trends in image and video sharing among UK youth aged 8–17 years, from a Childnet report published this year.

Presented by Hannah Broadbent, Childnet International

From selfie filters to livestreaming, this session will share the latest digital trends in image and video sharing among UK youth aged 8–17 years, providing important insights for content producers looking to engage this image-focused digital generation.

The Power of Image report published in February 2017 explored the role of images and videos in young people’s digital lives, and the influence this can have on their self-esteem, behaviour and emotions.

This talk will reveal a range of interesting insights, including:

  • how many selfies young people take before posting one online
  • how many young people edit their images before posting them online
  • social media and instant messaging sites used by young people.

The report launched for Safer Internet Day 2017 presents the findings of an online survey of 1,500 young people aged 8–17 years conducted by ResearchBods and commissioned by the UK Safer Internet Centre.

The findings reveal how important images and videos are in young people’s digital lives, demonstrating the positive role this plays as well as the risks and pressures they may face as a result.

The report underlines the importance of ensuring that all children have the skills, knowledge, confidence and resilience to communicate using images and videos safely, responsibly and creatively.