Research 4, 5 & 7 (Repeat)

Thursday 6th July 2017, 2:00pm - 3:30pm BST

Showroom Cinema 1

Three 30 minute research presentations…

4. The More You Read, the More You’ll Know

BookTrust commissioned Discovery to explore kids’ attitudes to and behaviours in reading in the new digital world.

Presented by Kelly Walsh, BookTrust and Renuka Gupta, Discovery Research

Reading has the power to transform lives and open up the world of possibilities for kids of all ages. But in the chaos of the new connected world, where so many things are vying for kids’ attention, how does reading for pleasure fit in? To answer this BIG question, Discovery and BookTrust want to take delegates on a tour of what we found when we opened up what the reading world of 0–16 year olds, and what BookTrust is doing to ensure the love of reading continues with the next generation.

The full session is available here as a podcast:

5. Can Reading Improve Children’s Self Esteem?

Researchers FK&Y and publisher Egmont discover that an intervention to encourage children to read with their parents not only prompts a love of reading but also has a marked effect on children’s self-esteem.

Presented by Barbie Clarke, Family Kids & Youth and Alison David, Egmont

There is frequently voiced concern that children’s ability to read is declining as their use of tablets and other digital devices increases. Latest research from Neilson shows that while the children’s book market in 2016 was up again year-on-year (+2%), the downward trend of parents reading to their children less continues. In 2016 there was a noticeable drop year-on-year in parents reading to pre-schoolers, and a drop in children from age 5 reading to themselves.

Over 12 months a challenge has been given to 15 diverse families, who would not normally read together, to find out whether they would be ‘open’ to this, and what effect this had on children. Following last year’s ‘Don’t Children Read Anymore? Digital vs Print Research’, Family Kids & Youth and Egmont Publishing teamed up once again, this time to find out whether an intervention, designed to encourage children to read with their parents, would result in a greater love of reading.

We found an increased level of confidence and sense of autonomy on the part of the children who took part. This was reflected in feedback from schools, which, importantly, had a big impact on the children’s self-esteem.

The full session is available here as a podcast:

7. Audience Insights Inspire the Sky Kids App

In a world where digital dominates but kids have an ever-expanding app store of choice, come and hear principles for successfully designing a digital product for kids.

Presented by Pete Maginn, The Pineapple Lounge and Lloyd Mason, Sky

Sky has always been at the forefront of innovative broadcasting, and the Sky Kids app is no exception. Offering high-quality, popular and age-appropriate programming was key, but the challenge was ensuring the platform was interactive, fun and easy to use while providing parents with peace of mind. The Pineapple Lounge got on board ahead of launch and embarked on a unique research process with a philosophy that a constant, rotational dialogue with the target audience – 3–9 year olds – was central to the app’s success.

The research has generated two strands of insight, both of which have been instrumental in the app’s development:

  • Tactical, granular level of detail on kids’ navigation and user experience based on age and developmental stage, their ability to read and follow instructions to swipe and explore content.
  • More general, behavioural and observational insights that have been accumulated along the way and helped to inform further ideas and designs – all the time grounded in child-centric insight. For example, their desire for and expectation of personalisation – including their own name on their home screen and personalisation of the Sky Buddy avatar within the app.

The research reveals some integral principles for successfully designing a digital product for kids.

The full session is available here as a podcast: