Research 1 & 2

Wednesday 4th July 2018, 11:00am - 12:00pm BST

Showroom Cinema 1

Two 30 minute research presentations…

1. Kids and the Screen: Changing the Channel

Providing the complete picture of video consumption for kids aged 2-9 years.

Kids have more choice than ever in how and what they watch, with more devices and platforms competing for their attention and technological advances providing new ways to consume TV and online video content. Currently, brands are working across a range of data points and individual measurement systems to be able to understand their audience and most effectively reach and engage with them.  ‘Kids & the screen: Changing the channel’ seeks to provide the complete picture of linear and online video consumption for kids aged 2-9 years. Whether it be a 20 minute TV show they watch on live TV, a 2 minute clip on YouTube or a 2 hour film on Netflix, it is captured within this research.

Presented by Sadie Buckingham, Giraffe Insights and Stephen Murfet, Sky


2. So What Do Kids Want From Content?

This session will share insights from in-depth research exploring what kids in the UK want from content and the content brands that they think deliver it.

Presented by Emily Keaney, Ofcom