Emotion Sells! Unlocking the Power of Family and Reading

Thursday 12th April 2018, 1:00pm - 2:00pm BST

Children’s Hub

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This panel of consumer insight experts will share a range of methodologies and data sources to inspire new collaborations between publishers and brand owners.

Dr Barbie Clarke, Managing Director, Family, Kids & Youth and Jessica Bondesson, ‘Children’s School’ Manager, Children’s IKEA share some of the methodology used to feed the 80-strong Children’s team at IKEA responsible for delivering products using co-creation between children and the team.

Alison David, Consumer Insight Director, Egmont shares research into where reading sits in family life and suggest how the emotional power can be harnessed.

Duncan Shearer, Client Services Director, Seymour uses shopping basket analysis to show how we can leverage the association with key brands to promote children’s reading with pleasure