Panel 2 – State of Play: Games up North!

Thursday 16th November 2017, 11:15am - 11:55am GMT

Event Space, 6th Floor

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The 1980s and early 1990s were halcyon days for the video games industry in the North of England. Companies like Gremlin, Ocean and Software Creations developed games that were international blockbusters. The interactive entertainment sector has had its ups and downs since then but today, with barriers to the developing and distribution of games lowering and the introduction of UK tax breaks, we are seeing a resurgence in the area. UK game sales in 2016 generated more revenue than either video or music, increasing sales by +2.9% to £2.96bn. 

The panel will discuss how programmers, animators, artists and musicians are coming together to once again create world class games in the North.