Opening Address

Friday 7th November 2014, 9:45am - 10:30am GMT

Lower Gallery

From Book To Broadcast!

Sarah Muller Head of CBBC Acquisitions and Drama Development.
Developing books into television series has always been part of the UK children’s media landscape. But are books any more appealing than ‘original ideas’? How easily do they translate from one medium to the other? And to what extent do broadcasters’ creative and commercial requirements intersect with publishers?  Sarah Muller opens the CMC Exchange with her experiences of the challenges of taking publishing IP beyond the book into television.

That Was Then This Is Now

Simon Flamank Managing Director, Bob & Co.
In today’s market place attracting partners and investment to your new IP project or emerging brand is hugely challenging. Relying on past strategies and success in your core medium is no longer enough.  Simon Flamank, co-founder of media investors and advisors Bob & Co, offers his insights into the approaches and mind set media companies will need to adopt in the future if they are to give their IP any chance of achieving significant commercial success.