One-to-one meetings

Thursday 16th November 2017, 4:30pm - 6:30pm GMT

Canteen, 6th Floor

One-to-one meetings are bookable at lunchtime on the day and are available with:

Jo Allen  (CBBC focus)
Sarah Baynes (CGMS)
Helen Brunsdon (Animation UK)
Niall Davies (BFI)
Jean Dong (Zespa Media)
Nick Hall  (CBeebies focus)
Christopher Halliday (BFI)
Tim Jones (BBC Creative)
Sarah Legg-Barratt (CBeebies focus)
Alison Norrington (Storycentral)
Kate O’Connor (Animation UK)
Desiree Peeters  (CBeebies and CBBC)
Adam Redfern (BBC Children’s)
Jon Rennie (Cloth Cat Animation)
Chris Rose (Beano Studios)
Steve Sharman (Hackthorn Innovation)
Westley Wood (BBC Creative)
Andy Wyatt (Toon Boom Animation)