Never Ending Story

Thursday 5th July 2012, 11:10am - 12:40pm BST

Showroom Cinema 3

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Storytelling is at the root of what makes us human. From prehistoric paintings that relay narratives of life once upon a time, to online worlds set in a galaxy far, far away – we have always told stories. It’s how we make sense of our world.

We live in an age when the number of ways to tell stories multiplies daily. It’s an exciting period in which formerly distinct media crash into each other to create completely new story experiences. And we have returned to a time when individuals have as much impact on the stories we all experience as the biggest storytelling companies.

This session will explore the art of storytelling. Is it fundamentally the same as it has always been? Or has technology changed everything? Do storytellers from different disciplines approach narratives differently? How does storytelling have to change in light of children’s media consumption? Will stories cease to have a beginning, middle and an end?

Speakers from a variety of media disciplines will discuss these topics and challenge our notions of how to approach a story, whether it’s told through a book or a performance, in the digital space or via a virtual world – and even on media platforms that have yet to be invented.