Mentor Me, Mentor You

Wednesday 6th July 2022, 2:00pm - 3:00pm BST

Adelphi Room

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Mentors: why we need them, how to get one – and how to be one. 

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Scriptwriting is tough. It’s the only industry role where you don’t go into an office every day, there’s no established career path, and you have to break down every door on your own with no idea what’s on the other side. 

How good would it be to have guidance from a writer who’s been there?

In CMC’s first ever panel on mentoring, we bring together experienced mentors and mentees to outline the schemes available for scriptwriters, and show those who can’t access one how to create mentorship opportunities for themselves.

And mentoring is not just for newbies. Mid-career writers seeking to change course, and established names wanting to talk through story issues can benefit too. In fact, mentoring is for anyone, in any sector, at any level.

So if you want to find an informal mentor, our DIY toolkit will give you tips on who to approach, how, and basic ‘mentiquette’. And if you’re open to mentoring a writer, we’ll talk to those who do it, quizzing them on what’s entailed, the unexpected benefits, and how to set boundaries so it doesn’t interfere with your day job.

And stay to the end. We have a surprise for you!