New Platform Masterclass

Thursday 7th July 2016, 1:00pm - 1:45pm BST

Showroom Cinema 2

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Video On Demand platforms are commissioning more original content than ever before. How is dealing with a SVoD different from dealing with traditional broadcasters? This session will give you a flavour.

There are similarities with the processes that we’re all familiar with, but, dealing with companies such as Amazon, Netflix & Zulu (who are based all over the globe) creates new challenges for teams producing content. At what stage in the process do I approach a SVoD company? Do they need a fully formed idea or will they pay for development? I live somewhere else in the world – how will currency and conversion work?

Jennie Stacey and Natalie Dumoulin lead teams that have already delivered high-end, large-scale projects to several global SVoD platforms – they’re in development with yet more. Join them for a glimpse into the emerging world of streaming, global production and online distribution.