Lockdown, Learning and Brands

Tuesday 7th July 2020, 4:00pm - 5:00pm BST

CMC Online Platform

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Lockdown has been hugely disruptive across all industries and all walks of life, but possibly the biggest impact has been on schoolchildren. Children, parents and teachers have all looked to media and education brands for classroom learning and entertainment. This session will look at how brands like Guinness World Records, BBC Education and WildWorks (Animal Jam) leverage their status for educational purposes, and in particular how they have responded to the lockdown crisis. 

It will consider how they are engaging with their audiences, and what that will look like once schools return in September and over the next 12 months. The panel will be hosted by edutainment and edtech expert, Lucy Gill. We’ll hear about the challenges of breaking the world record for the largest art lesson; how the BBC’s Bitesize Daily lessons are bringing quality classroom lessons into the home; and the ways in which Animal Jam has been keeping children connected with friends.

This session includes a presentation by Changemakers on Climate Change.