Life After Lockdown – An Opportunity for Change?

Friday 26th June 2020, 3:00pm - 4:00pm BST

Zoom Webinar

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After a massive and rapid change in working practices, what opportunities could post-lockdown life present for the animation industry? Despite a tricky transition at first, the animation business has been fortunate enough to be able to continue production pretty much as usual during the Covid-19 lockdown. But what happens when this is all over? Do we just go back to ‘normal’ or do we take what we’ve learnt over the last few months and implement changes that will improve opportunities for everyone?

This panel discusses the pros and cons of home-working, while looking at how we might strike a balance across new more flexible working practices. For example, remote working may benefit those with childcare responsibilities, those looking after elderly and/or sick relatives, those with disabilities, or just those living outside the animation hub cities, but how do we ensure we’re not excluding those coming into the industry, who may lose out on working in a creative studio environment? How do we ensure the opportunities lockdown have presented are not restricted to the privileged few?