Learning Through Animation

Thursday 6th July 2017, 12:45pm - 1:45pm BST

HUBS The Stage

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What makes animation so engaging as a learning tool? What opportunities are out there for producers of animated learning content? This session explores international case studies from projects that have extended reach and engagement through creative use of innovative platforms:

Animation and visual learning: Zane Whittingham explores the power of animation in condensing complex subjects into memorable, shareable short form content.

Animation and independent learning: Rebekka Campbell considers examples of curriculum-based animations which students can explore independently. With news on the latest commissioning opportunities at BBC Learning.

Animation and online safety: Luca Fiore will showcase Azoomee’s ‘Search it Up!’, a BAFTA-nominated animated series helping kids and their families to stay safe online, and talk about future plans for the Azoomee online platform.

Animation in social and emotional learning: Metsamarja Aittokoski profiles ‘Pikkuli’, a non-dialogue based book, TV series and set of mobile apps to engage younger children in the world’s most successful educational system in Finland.

Animation, Science Education and Multiplatform Gaming: Archita Ghosh will show ‘Elemented’, a sci-non-fi project from Canada, which helps older children learn about science using a gaming platform.