Kids’ Media Connected

Thursday 4th July 2019, 12:30pm - 1:30pm BST

HUBS Hideout

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MACKY – Media & Audiovisual Creatives for Kids and Youth – unites media makers with a passion for children’s content. It brings the kids’ media industry together in advisory committees and gets insights into the lives of young people through the ‘Order of MACKY’, the youth wing of the organisation.

Belgian director and screenwriter, Charlie Dewulf (25), founded the organisation after receiving funding for their first feature. “In order to inspire kids with thoughtful media I felt like I needed to keep up with why, how and where they consume media. With little time and new media, apps, platforms at their fingertips this proved to be a challenging task.  I founded MACKY in order to create safe spaces for creatives to share knowledge and develop their talent.” These safe spaces consist of Facebook groups, Linkedin groups and events where creatives meet, the industry united in MACKY’S advisory committees and the youth in the order of MACKY.

MACKY gathers the insights of creatives and youth across platforms to understand an ever-changing media landscape and inform creatives and the industry. Founded in Belgium, MACKY is now looking for partnerships abroad to put the collective on sound financial ground and develop supporters in neighbouring countries so it can grow into an international creative association.