Keynote: Mothercare’s Retail & Character Licensing Insight

Thursday 14th April 2016, 9:30am - 10:15am BST

Club Room

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The power of character IP to sell product at retail is well established. However understanding what type of character IP, whether Publishing, Television or Film, and how it needs to be presented to retailers has never been more important for media and publishing companies. This session will provide a key insight into the kind of characters, and what kind of media profile is required in order for them to work for one of the UK’s leading retailers targeting parents with babies and children up to the age of eight.

Event producer John Lomas Bullivant on his plans for this keynote…

Understanding what a retailer like Mothercare looks for when licensing a character property is hugely important to be IP owners, publishers and production companies alike. It could influence how you develop a new property, how and when you pitch an established one, how big a media platform or how strong a sales history you will need to engage their attention and lastly how appealing a design can be –  just on its own. Can your company afford not to know this?