INNOVATION SHOWCASE: Teen stories – mobile & social

Friday 8th July 2011, 9:30am - 10:30am BST

Showroom Cinema 1

What is the perfect format mix for teen stories? Get it right and the money will flow but getting it right is almost impossible isn’t it?

According to Ofcom teens are consuming up to 3 hours of media per hour. They also don’t pay for content. So where teens are concerned, time really is money as it is their currency of choice. Teens need compelling multi-channel formats to lock them in and a way to generate revenue. Get the story right and you have a winner – this is the challenge from the commercial and non-commercial point of view.

Two case studies will stimulate discussion and seek solutions.

Case studies
1. Ivy4Evr by Blast Theory was a bold commission by Channel 4 in which a female protagonist engaged with an audience of teen ‘friends’ via Facebook and text messaging who were invited to offer up advice to Ivy on her trials and tribulations. Matt Adams has a worldwide reputation stretching back 20 years as an innovator in participatory theatre and will reflect Blast Theory’s experience of working with the teen audience.
2. The Chronicles of Dekaydence by Susie Cornfield is a series of teen novels gaining momentum and critical acclaim described as being ‘like Philip Pullman on speed’. Sam Clark from Conjure is working with the author to take the novels into the ‘app space’ by adding new dimensions to the novels and will discuss the approach they are taking to extend the narrative in ways to hook in teens.

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