Green Shoots in Children’s and Family Film

Thursday 7th July 2016, 1:00pm - 1:45pm BST

Showroom Cinema 3

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New ways to make Children’s and Family films outside the studio system? Using public and TV rights e.g. ‘Bach in Brazil’ in Germany or possibly via Film Cymru’s new support for a development deal with Chicken House in the UK? Join us to discover how to do it.

‘Bach in Brazil’ is currently still playing in cinema after 15 weeks on release in Germany. Listen to Ansgar Ahlers describe how the combination of German Public Funds, a TV deal and a pre-sale to Disney international saw this film about a music teacher in a Brazilian Children’s prison take the indie circuit by storm. Meanwhile, Pauline Burt, CEO, Film Cymru Wales is setting out to build new audiences, and support new feature development via a deal with publishers Chicken House. At that same time Nicole Carmen-Davis is out to finance on an independent family movie on the back of her family fantasy short ‘Litterbugs’.