Pact: Give Kids a Break!

Thursday 3rd July 2014, 3:40pm - 4:40pm BST

Showroom Cinema 3

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Tax credits already exist for British animation, high-end TV drama and film – why not children’s television?

In this session Pact and a panel of experts, including kids’ TV producers Billy Macqueen and Val Ames and Pact Chief Executive John McVay, will outline the financial and cultural arguments for a tax credit for children’s live-action television.

Pact will demonstrate that there is a current market failure around children’s TV, with the BBC functioning as the monopoly commissioner of content for children.  Using specially commissioned research, facts and figures, it will outline the case that it is taking to government – that a tax break is necessary to level the playing field, boost the sector, and generate jobs.

Moderated by children’s television producer Mike Watts and using real-life case studies, the panel will discuss the positive impact a tax break could have on the industry, and the cultural benefits of creating more British content for British kids.

Join the discussion and get involved in the campaign to give kids a break.