From Page to Screen – The Creative Keynote Panel

Thursday 1st July 2010, 6:15pm - 7:30pm BST

Showroom Cinema 4

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In children’s film and television the use of popular published works to create new film and television concepts is not new. However, with the children’s broadcast landscape becoming increasingly difficult to find purchase in, the need for producers and creators to use popular published works as a foundation for film and television propositions is becoming more vital.

It doesn’t necessarily follow, however, that a great book automatically makes a great TV series or film. Of course there are many notable triumphs where the journey from page to screen realises brilliant new films and TV programmes which affirm the existing reader’s view of a book and attracts a whole new audience to the published work on which the film or programme is based.

What’s the difference between a successful transfer and a disappointment? Are there certain types of book which automatically lend themselves to a successful television show or film? Are some books just not meant to be transferred or is everything fair game? Are there fundamental differences between the author of a book and the producer of a film or TV show? If so how are they to be overcome or indeed used positively to create brilliant content? What are the legal pitfalls in optioning published works? What are the costs involved?

The session aims to explore this topic and answer many of the questions surrounding it by listening to the personal experiences of authors and producers who have extensive experience in this area. The panel members will concentrate on one particular experience in order to get a more detailed analysis of the process of taking a published work to screen or vice versa. They’ll walk us through the process as they see it from initial enquiries about a book to final broadcast or distribution.

What is that magic elixir which makes for a great book turning into a great screen version? What are the key ingredients to a successful collaboration between author, script writer and producer and if you find them how do you ensure you use them correctly again?

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