Fortnite-ly Phenomena: What Creates A Digital Craze?

Wednesday 3rd July 2019, 5:10pm - 6:00pm BST

Showroom Cinema 3

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Some of the biggest children’s brands of the last decade were a.) digital and b.) seemed to come from nowhere to global ubiquity. Fortnite is the latest example: *the* game of 2018 for millions of tweens and teens. Like Minecraft before it, Fortnite developed its own community of YouTubers with huge, devoted followings. And in both cases, these brands and communities went under the radar of the children’s media industry for a long time.

So what can our industry learn from these crazes (and from Moshi Monsters, Club Penguin and others before them)? What resonates so strongly with kids? What behaviours and characteristics do they share that contribute to their popularity? And can you use these characteristics to identify the next craze or even create it yourself?

This session will dispel myths, provide clear explanations, and most importantly will show how (or whether) the CMC audience can learn lessons that will benefit their own content and brands.