Demo Area

Monday 12th November 2018, 10:00am - 5:00pm GMT

Demo Area

Experience the latest in cutting edge technology in our demo area with Infinita, Kids Insights, Realised Realities and YellowDog.

Infinita is a digital technology company focused on developing VR, AR and MR experiences, games and applications. These are exciting times in a thriving industry, and we are passionate about creating engaging immersive experiences and about pioneering the way into the future.

Kids Insights demonstrate their products, including their real-time data portal!

Realised Realities Simon Benson has over 20 years’ experience, scoping all aspects of immersive technology, including AR, VR, MR and peripheral inputs in both enterprise and consumer settings.  He shares his insight into the key areas of value in the immersive technology areas and can also explain new opportunities such as Simulated Reality, wearable free systems that allow content to be created and consumed in natural and intuitive ways.

YellowDog show the latest developments of its Cloud Render platform which helps animation studios such as Brown Bag Films, M2Animation, and Blue Zoo produce CG shots in super-fast time.