Commissioner Conversations: VOD

Thursday 8th July 2021, 2:00pm - 3:00pm BST

CMC Online Platform

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One area of the children’s media business has seen a boom in the past year –  VOD.  VOD commissioners reveal what’s worked best on their platforms and what they are looking for now.

The COVID pandemic has impacted the children’s media business in many ways, one area that has seen a boom in the past year is VOD.  New global services have launched and are establishing.  Existing services saw surges in watch time because of school closures and stay-home orders.  Alongside increased viewership came increased responsibility for audiences as services tried  to support parents as both baby-sitter and teacher.  

VOD Commissioners will reveal how the past year has impacted on their businesses and audiences.  Find out which projects have really delivered for them and discover what they might be looking for in the new future.