Animation Assemble!

Wednesday 6th July 2022, 5:00pm - 6:00pm BST

Crucible Main Stage

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Considering ‘animation as a force for good’, an expert panel looks at the power of animation to bring positive change – and asks: can the industry do better?

Animation creators now have more to consider when putting together productions than ever before in a landscape that has changed dramatically in recent years. This, combined with the unique position that children’s content creators are in to educate and influence their audience, make both on and offscreen representation and diversity consideration all the more important.This year’s Animation Assemble! panel, will discuss how kids’ animation has tackled these issues in content and behind the scenes.

Industry case studies will reveal recent opportunities for animation to be inclusive, put sustainability front and center and focus on creating the ideal culture for staff to thrive. The session will also look at the industry’s shortcomings and ask the important questions:  can children’s animation make the world a better place, and how can we as an industry do better?

This session will also feature the launch of the Secret Story Draw 2022 with hosts Natalie Llewellyn and Jon Mason