Achievement Unlocked!

Thursday 3rd July 2014, 2:10pm - 3:10pm BST

Showroom Cinema 2

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Educational computer games are big business, and the market is growing. From the huge success of online learning startups like Mathletics to News Corporation’s recent $100m investment in digital educational technologies, digital games are becoming an important new area for those interested in the business of education. However, putting together games that are fun, educational and commercially viable isn’t easy, and requires a new mix of skills – some quite different to traditional forms of media.

In this session, we’ll show you how to get it right. We’ll break down the key parts of the development process; including hiring an agency vs building the right team, scoping projects, setting effective educational goals, working with game designers, prototyping, testing and how to evaluate projects once they’re finished. We’ll also look at some of the commercial models behind educational games and talk about how companies are finding routes to market and ultimately making money in this space.

The session will be highly practical, backed up by relevant case studies. Expect advice, best practice, and the odd war story!